Continuum of Care Coordinator (Contract)

Location: Central Michigan

Coordinator will:

1. Coordinate, schedules, and attend all Central Michigan Continuum of Care meetings.
2. Prepare the agendas, minutes and other necessary materials to be distributed to the Continuum of Care members, according to the following time frames:
Meeting Agendas and Materials: 7 days before meetings
Meeting Reminders: 7 days prior to meetings , 1 day prior to meetings
Meeting Minutes: 7 days after meeting
3. Maintain and update membership lists for the Continuum of Care.
Contact prospective new members
Track county representation as it changes
4. Attend trainings and workshops as required by MSHDA or the Continuum of Care when available.
5. Prepare the MSHDA Emergency Solutions Grant Exhibit I each year.
6. Provide the Continuum of Care with the HMIS data reports as the CMCOC System Administrator.
7. Develop strategies and actions to accomplish Continuum goals by using HMIS data.
8. Coordinate the Point in Time Count with assistance from the local planning bodies.
9. Coordinate Homeless Awareness Week activities with assistance from the local planning bodies.
10. Facilitate and understand flow of information from MSHDA and MCAH to members of this Continuum of Care.
11. Make necessary contact with the CMCOC, including the Human Services Coordinating Body of each area, and attend meetings necessary for collaborative actions.
12. Assist with other grants being sought by this Continuum.
13. Provide a detailed budget to be approved by the CMCOC for the use of the $10,000 of grant funding available for this position each fiscal year.
Any changes to this budget must be approved by the CMCOC before implementation.
Budget may include office space, equipment, wage and fringe and travel.
14. Maintain regular contract with the Mid Michigan Community Action Agency's Outreach Services Director, as contract supervisor, regarding activities or questions.
15. Submit a monthly invoice on the first of every month to Mid MIchigan Community Action Agency detailing dates and hours of service provided, including a travel voucher and receipts for expenses.
16. Other duties as assigned by the CMCOC.

This is a contract position.

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