Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Tax season is upon us! If you need help filing for taxes, please contact us for details. Assistance is provided in Clare and Gladwin counties, by appointment only. If you are married and filing jointly, both spouses must be present at the appointment. Call 211 to make an appointment today!

Please bring all of the following items that apply to you and your family:

  • Picture ID (required)
  • Copy of 2016 tax return
  • Any forms that have been mailed to you
  • Social Security cards for ALL family members
  • Wage and earnings statements from ALL employers (W2s and 1099s)
  • Interest, Dividend, and Pension statements (1099s)
  • Social Security Income statements- Form SSA-1099 (2017)
  • 2017 Health Insurance information for ALL family members (1095-A if purchased from Marketplace)
  • Heating costs for 11-1-16 through 10-31-17
  • Property Tax statements (summer and winter, if you get two)
  • Annual Child Support statement
  • 2017 DHHS/DHS/FIA Annual statement
  • Bank account information if you wish for your refund to be direct deposit
  • Documentation of 2016 SSI income for ALL family members (award letter received Dec 2016)

If one spouse is unable to attend, the spouse attending must have a power of attorney and the above documentation for the absent spouse.

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