Walk for Warmth

Move your feet to give others heat!

Thank you for participating in our 2017 Snow Golf and annual Walk for Warmth events. Please check back in the fall of 2017 for a new event schedule. We invite you to join us for our Summer Raffle. 

Summer Raffle

Mid Michigan CAA is hosting a Summer Raffle! All proceeds will go toward Walk for Warmth. Several local businesses and community members have donated prizes for this cause. Each ticket has 30 chances to win, and can win multiple times. Only 1,000 tickets are available, first come first serve. Winners will be drawn once daily coinciding with the Michigan Daily Three midday drawing from August 1, 2017- August 30, 2017. If you are interested in selling raffle tickets, please contact the administrative office at 989-386-3805 Ext. 1043.


Walk for Warmth Raffle Ticket Rules
1. Raffle tickets may only be sold to persons 18 years or older.
2. Cash only for the purchase of the raffle tickets.
3. Tickets are $10.00 a piece.
4. Please be sure to write buyer’s name and phone number on the check stub.
5. The buyer keeps the ticket (larger piece), and the seller (you) keeps the stub (smaller piece with buyer’s contact info.)
6. Please return all unsold tickets,stubs from purchased tickets, and cash to the administration office by noon, on July 25th. All tickets you received must be accounted for, either by returning ticket stubs + cash, or by returning unsold tickets.
7. Drawings will be done August 1 through August 30.
8. All drawings will be the Daily 3 midday drawing. The Daily 3 is the daily lottery where customers can choose three numbers. New numbers are drawn morning, midday, and evening. The winning numbers are announced. The winning ticket corresponds to the daily 3 numbers picked, midday only. If the winning Daily 3 number was not sold, we will draw a winner from the pool of sold ticket stubs.
9. Each ticket is good for each lotto drawing August 1 - 30th. This means that each ticket has 30 chances to win!
10. Winners have a maximum of 30 days to pick up prices from the administration office. If a
prize is not picked up, we will draw a new winner from the pool of sold ticket stubs after 30 days.
11. All sellers are responsible for the tickets distributed to them. The profits from the raffle ticket drawing support the Walk for Warmth program to aid clients with
home heating needs. All of the unsold tickets and stubs provided need to be accounted for by the Michigan Lottery Department. There may be consequences with the state for unaccounted tickets. This can result with restrictions to future participation in the Michigan Lottery. Thank you for your participation and support.

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