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Mid Michigan Community Action Partners with Clare Schools to Provide New Preschool

In an effort to provide quality, age-appropriate preschool, Mid Michigan Community Action is partnering with Clare Public Schools to provide a new, tuition-based program.

The preschool, which will open during the current school year will be housed in the Clare Primary School and utilize school facilities such as the playground and lunchroom.

“We’ve worked with Clare Schools to make this happen to make sure that there are viable options for parents looking for quality programming for their children, Joleen Golden, Mid Michigan Community Action’s Early Childhood Services Director, said. “There is a need for preschool, and since funding for free programs has become increasingly difficult to depend on, we felt a tuition program was the best option.”

The preschool will feature both full and half-day options with before and after school care available. The focus will be on age-appropriate, hands-on learning that encourages healthy cognitive, physical and social-emotional development.

“Our goal was to provide a program with numerous options for parents, Golden said, which is why we will accommodate full or half day students and wraparound care.”

Mid Michigan Community Action has over 20 years of experience in operating Head Start and preschool programs. The agency has free preschool programs in Clare, Farwell, Harrison, Gladwin, Beaverton and Big Rapids for low-income families.

Parents interested in the tuition-based program can call 989-386-1270 for more information or visit for more information and an application. Parents interested in the agency’s free preschool programs may call toll-free 1-877-386-4406.

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