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Mid Michigan Community Action to Open New Free Preschool Classroom in Farwell

In partnership with Farwell Schools, Mid Michigan Community Action will open two new, free preschool classrooms for at-risk four-year olds.

At this point, one classroom will open on November 14; the second will open when enough children are enrolled. The new Community Action Preschools are housed in the Farwell Elementary.

According to 2008 Kids Count Data, over 31% of children in Clare County live in poverty, which can increase the risk for difficulties in school and eventual drop-out. Unfortunately, Farwell is currently underserved in terms of access to preschool programs which have been shown to help children and families overcome these obstacles.

“Our preschool programs focus on working with the child and the family,” Joleen Golden, Mid Michigan Community Action Early Childhood Services Director, said. “Teachers work with parents to help them be involved with their child’s learning and development.”

Parents will also have access to the many support programs provided by Mid Michigan Community Action including utility assistance, food assistance, Weatherization and others.

A partnership with Farwell Schools allows the preschools to be housed in the elementary school, which helps students become accustomed to the environment, and increases consistency when they transfer to kindergarten.

“We are extremely happy with the arrangement with Farwell Schools as it is beneficial to families and students most of all,” Golden said.

Mid Michigan Community Action preschools are a member of the Quality Preschool Partnership through the Clare-Gladwin Great Start Collaborative. Families interested in enrolling their child in the new preschool can call toll-free 1-866-914-3700.

Mid Michigan Community Action has additional free preschools available in Clare, Gladwin, Beaverton and Big Rapids. The agency also provides a non-profit, tuition-based program in Clare.

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