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Getting Started

When dealing with a stressful situation like mortgage difficulties or delinquency or foreclosure, knowing how to start can be one of the hardest parts. Because you are reading this--you have made the first step.

Whether you want to gather more information or want to work with one of our certified staff to help you, you can get started here. Please click the link in the situation that describes you best.

Remember, you can always call for assistance: 1-800-318-0882

  • I am not in foreclosure--I do feel like I may be at risk of falling behind. I wanted some more information about how foreclosure works--the timeline, the laws and other information.

  • I am interested in learning more about how Mid Michigan Community Action can do to help me with my mortgage situation. I have not yet spoken to a Foreclosure Prevention Specialist and am not sure if I want to yet.

  • I think Mid Michigan Community Action's program can help me. I want to start the process, but am not sure how.

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