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Buying a New Home

7 Basic Steps For The New Home Buyer

It’s the American Dream, right? To own your own home, to put down roots and be responsible for your own little corner of the world. This is the case for most people, but if the 2008 financial crisis has taught us anything about home ownership, it’s that owning a home is not for everyone. Here are a few other facts about home ownership proven during this period:

Home values do not always go up.
If a lender says you don’t have to document your income, RUN!
Not everyone can, or should, own a home.
Your monthly payment isn’t the only cost of owning a home.

Despite this period, or maybe because of it, millions of people are confused about how to navigate the complex world of home ownership.

These people have real questions:
How much house do I need?
How can I really afford a house?
What are my ongoing costs?
Should I use a realtor?
What is an escrow?
What should I look for during an inspection?

In this home buying guide, we take you through the seven basic steps of buying a home and attempt to answer many common questions nervous homebuyers ask every single day.

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