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What is CSBG?

The Community Services Block Grant is federal funding that supports the operations of a state-administered network of local agencies in their fight to end poverty. A substantial part of the CSBG network includes Community Action Agencies (CAAs) like Mid Michigan Community Action Agency created through the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964.

How does CSBG help?

CSBG provides the core funding that enables Mid Michigan Community Action to help reduce poverty, revitalize and empower low-income communities to become fully self-sufficient. Unlike other funders, CSBG funds are discretionary which allows Mid Michigan CAA to tailor its services to the unique problems and needs of the six counties served. Without CSBG funding, Mid Michigan Community would not be able to help over 16,000 families and individuals each year with over 20 programs and services.

CSBG funds helped us provide the following programs and services:

  • Smart leveraging to stretch dollars

    For every CSBG dollar received, CAAs raise or earn $2.20 in private funds. The contribution of 61,164 volunteers’ hours worth $600,000. $234,478 are in-kind services.

  • Call to Action

    Besides donating and volunteering— you can also make a difference by supporting the CSBG reauthorization in which the act that mandates the funding for over 1,000 agencies across the U.S. will be renewed. If you agree that work should continue, you could contact your representative and encourage them to co-sponsor to make sure this federal funding continues to be distributed to local agencies across the U.S who have joined the fight against poverty. Click here to find your representative.

  • Key Program Partners

    Mid Michigan Community Action is committed to collaborating with community partners which provides an avenue to combine resources and knowledge to further help local communities. The network of hundreds of community partners spans to include federal, state, local funders, city and township and other nonprofits.

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